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In the world we live in people are to quick to place a label on someone, there is a huge number of factors why a person would do this. People can be labelled down to their sexuality, gender, ethnicity, physical appearance etc. Unfortunately on a lot of occasions this can be done in a negative way. This can lead to have an emotional impact on that person who has been labelled. 


(NO LABELS Black T-Shirt - £18)


   Our NO LABELS Collection is about trying to put a stop to this while raising awareness of this topic. 
This is an issue that has had impacted many peoples lives. We should all just be accepted for who we are not what we are!
Each person is uniquely beautiful and we should take full advantage of this by embracing our differences. 

 (NO LABELS White T-Shirt - £18)



 In parallel to this we then have to have equality in our world to ensure we are all treated the same. Within our NO LABELS Collection we have clothing and accessories that expresses this. No one should be discriminated, we were all brought into this world the same why.



(EQUAL T-Shirt - £24) 

The "ME" with the equals sign can be visualised how you desire but the meaning behind the design is that the "ME" stands for "MY EXPRESSION".  

Therefore when placed on top of the equal sign it gives off the impression that you as an individual express equality within our world. 

 (MY EXPRESSION Cap - £25)


We all feel it. Its not about who, why or how. Its a human right. We have the freedom. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. LOVE HAS NO LABLES. 


(LOVE iPhone case - £15)

We are always adding style to ourselves, why not glam up your phone after all we do take them everywhere with us.


By purchasing any item of the "NO LABLES Collection" you are helping by making a change. People will begin to ask questions about these unique designs and lead to interesting conversations about equality, self expression and so much more. 


Fashion should be a lot more than just an item of clothing. 
Let use fashion to its advantage.
Help spread the message about equality and make our world a better place for all.
Never be afraid to be the person you are because someone has labelled you a certain way.
Always be truthful and listen to yourself.
Never mould into the person someone else wants you to become.





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